Komodo Fire Retardant

Trahan Enterprises is proud to partner with Komodo Fire Systems to provide fire retardant services for our customers. Scroll down to see how Komodo Fire Systems can benefit you.


Mobile Retardant Base

Trahan Enterprises, Inc. offers several different variations of a mobile retardant base for public and private agencies. These range from full size FAA compliant bases capable of supplying 500 gallon per minute into 80,000 gallon helicopter dip tanks. For our smaller and more strategic partners, we offer a smaller version with a mobile retardant tender that allows us to refill your engines in the field without you ever having to touch the retardant.

Full Size Mobile Retardant Bases

A Trahan Enterprises Full Size Mobile Retardant Base is designed from the ground up to allow maximum productivity while ensuring proper quality control of our retardant. With an industry leading capability of 500 gallons per minute pumping into our 8,000 gallon helicopter dip tanks, you can be sure that we are able to meet any supply needed for Type 1, 2 or 3 helicopters. Our bases are FAA compliant and our newly designed Helicopter Dip Tanks  allow pilots greater visibility when filling and easier access for bucket operations.

Mini Mobile Retardant Bases

Our Mini Mobile Retardant Base is a fully functional, low cost option for agencies looking to spray retardant through ground applications. Equipped to supply 350 Gallons per minute with a Type 1 Mobile Retardant Tender, we are able to refill your engines when and where they need it without having to return to a home position. This strategy cuts labor cost, drive time, and allows the highest rate of productivity when it matters most.

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Interested in ordering Komodo Fire Retardant? Call Nicholas Trahan at (559) 310-9456 for a quote and customized plan designed to fit what you need.

Still Skeptical?

Are you skeptical of just how effective Komodo is? Do you want to see if in action for yourself? Well let us schedule you a demo! Our professional demonstration team will come to you with everything needed to showcase how effective Komodo is and what you can expect when working with us! Whether you are looking to do a full size prescription burn or even just see our product in action, give us a call and we will be happy to schedule a time!