Wildland Fire Suppression

Fire season is changing and so is how wildfires are being fought. With a fleet of water tenders, fire retardant tenders, and fire engines that exceed NFPA and CAL OSHA specifications along with a team of professional fire fighters, Trahan Fire Rescue continues to lead the way in private/public fire fighting. Our tenders are outfitted with state-of-the-art 1000 GPM pumps, 4 wheel drive chassis, electronic monitors, fire radio systems and are  authorized emergency vehicles under the California Highway Patrol. These capabilities are unmatched by any other company and allows us to provide our clients with superior service like never before. 

Type 1 Tenders

Our Type 1 4000 gallon tenders allow us to move the highest volume of water over the road that’s legally allowed. These tenders are currently under contract with the United States Forest Service and Cal Fire.

Type 2 Tenders

Type 2 Tenders carry up to 3600 gallons of water and allow for a tighter turn radius without jeopardizing water capacity or capabilities. These specialized apparatuses allow for much better remote community access or areas that require tight turns and small areas.

Retardant Tenders

Using Phos Chek™ fire retardant foam, our retardant tenders are capable of applying ground based retardant to establish contingency lines, control lines, and assist back firing operations. Unlike aircraft, ground applied retardant does not require firefighters to evacuate the area, is safe around snag or dangerous trees, can be applied in any weather condition, and allows for the ability to prep structures through hand hose application. The retardant can be prepared through a Mobile Retardant Base and utilizes the same HI-VIZ product used by helicopters and rotary craft.

Tactical Tenders

Tactical water tenders are 4×4 fire tankers with foam capabilities and carry 2 firefighters on board. This apparatus is highly specialized to pump water at over 350 PSI and carry additional tools. With a 4×4 chassis, these go anywhere trucks are perfect for wildland fires in mountainous or steep terrain areas. Click here to see our tactical tenders in action.

Type 3 Fire Engines

Designed to perform in the wild land Urban Interface Environment, Type 3 engines offer the best cross between a structurally capable fire engine and a wild land fire engine. They carry 500 gallons of water, a full complement of structural and wild land tools, as well as 3 structural firefighters.

Type 6 Fire Engines

When fires develop in remote locations, type 6 engines are small maneuverable apparatuses designed strictly for the wild land environment.  They are staffed with 3 wild land firefighters and carry 300 gallons of water.

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